Friday, February 13, 2009

EEEEEEE I invented a new styleee :D

Okay. Not totally. I created a hybrid. something like this;

But I used a yeshmagh and a narrow black shayla. Chest coverage, check. Neck coverage, check. Kicking style, check check check. I'm going to start putting how-to's on youtube (as soon as I find out how to be hijabed-up while making them without looking ridiculous because I have an al-amira wrecking all the hard work).

I hate al-amiras. They suck. Totally. And I'm totally bitter because they don't suit me at all and they're so dang effortless for some women.

Back to the topic..

I shall post pictures when I try out my new style on Monday to a school field trip. I'm already getting known as "that girl that wears her hijab weirdly" as opposed to "that chick with weird clothes and weird hair and weird make up and weird music tastes". Who cares. I'm tired of seeing everyone wear their hijab the same way.

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malekat_el7oriya said...

Alsalaou alaikom sis,
I love your blog and this is a very well written post lol I love it!