Friday, February 13, 2009

shock tale(s)

So my mother's a doctor and she specializes in labour, pregnancy etc (obstetrics). My mother is one of the most religiously "ON" people you will ever meet, even though she doesn't wear a scarf. She is a perfect example of a "modern muslim" and one that I aspire to, very much.

anyway, being in the line of work she's in, she comes across some very weird cases.

Two weeks ago, a Muslim patient came to her. A young, 20ish year old hijabi girl complaining of abdominal pain. She told my mother that she had IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Further investigation and my mother found that not only was this girl PREGNANT, but she was GIVING BIRTH right there and right then.

The girl started screaming "I'M A VIRGIN! I'M A VIRGIN. I CAN'T BE PREGNANT!!".

My mother told her to cut the bullshit and called the girl's mother in. The girl's more was all OMG IS THAT WHY SHE WAS GETTING FAT? all fakely, then started yelling "WHO DID THIS TO YOU? WAS IT __________? ________________, ___________ OR __________?" Staghfurallah a million times over.

They then made some stupid story about the girl being engaged and the fiancee running off to some other country. Oh wait, it gets worse. The girl then said "Maybe my brother raped me".

This last thing made my stomach turn and my blood boil. I couldn't comprehend someone saying that.

Few days later family and friends were visiting bla bla, along with the brother.

Ugh. This stupid story made me sick but I just wanted you all to know that when you all have kids of your own, KEEP YOUR SONS AND DAUGHTERS ON A TIGHT LEASH. And educate them, for heaven's sake, educate them. A smart, overachieving girl with hobbies and interests and a mind of her own is less likely to give it all away for some jerkoff. Please, brothers and sisters, be strict on your sons and EDUCATE your daughters.

I know a girl who put on a hijab because her father shaved her head bald after catching her with her boyfriend. Her wild ways didn't stop and she still dated and was, well, a slut even though she was now representing the 150,000ish muslim girls and women living in Australia. After her hair grew back, she took it off. She then started dating a guy who told her that if she ever wanted him to marry her, she'd have to put it back on.

Hypocritical, assinine and retarded. This girl gets bad grades. She's not into sport or religion or into anything, really. It's girls like these that make guys their #1 in their lives. And I can bet you any money this hypocritical asshole is NEVER going to marry her. He doesn't even respect her unless she has a hijab on her head.

If there are any parents of young men, baby boys, young women or infant girls out there reading me, please hear my plea. Please teach your sons respect, please watch their every move, not just your daughters'. You could save the life of an unborn child if, Allah forbid, your son goes out and gets some silly girl pregnant.

Salam to all.


malekat_el7oriya said...

wow! i can't believe this story it's so i don't really know what to say but you hit the nail on the head, very well written post and super straight forward.parents do need to watch their children more...

Melda :o) said...

assalamu alaikum sister,

ugh, reading this made me sick to my stomach...the nerve of some people..the ignorance...aaaaahh..

malekat_el7oriya said...

i just dropped by to tell you that I tagged you on my blog