Thursday, February 19, 2009

TAG.. I'm IT!

malekat tagged meeee :D

No real updates though guys, I'm too busy with school/family life

1/ I'm a senior
2/ I love ebay!
3/ See number 2. I love buying nepalese skirtss ohh so bo ho!
4/ I have two sisters, one biological and one family friend who's so close blood couldn't make us closer
5/ I can be at times really stupid and really hyper
6/ I lack motivation to do just about anything haha
7/ I loveeeeeeeeeeee eyeliner
8/ I go to a school full of really stupid people and if I don't see a smart person once in a blue moon I start to forget grammar, etiquette and pretty much everything rofl.
9/ I'm typing this before school.
10/ My friends call me Mum.
11/ I love acting. I do drama and I ALWAYS take the lead guy roles. Cause I'm cool like that.
12/ I'm school valedictorian (bet you would have never guessed!)
13/ I'm overly protective of my sister and if I dont walk her to school I call people up and ask them if she made it to school.
14/ I don't own enough hijabs! >.<
15/ I adore FAKE pashmina. Cheap and pretty and it feels go good (I always bite on the tassels though :()
16/ I'm super uppity and this is how I speak to strangers "Hello. How are you? Would you like to buy some chocolate to raise money for the local high school? Thank you so much. Have a great day!!". It doesn't suit me because I'm pretty "gothic" looking (its just how my features are haha).
17/ I call my dad Abood and not dad. I started doing this after I saw bart simpson call his dad Homer.
18/ I have noooooooo idea what I'm going to do after high school
19/ I can be really passive or really aggressive. I haven't yet mastered assertiveness.
20/ I LOOOOOOOOVE gatorade :D
21/ I love kids and I'm going to have seven of them and name them all really cool long names.
22/ I find Arab guys to be the most unattractive, repulsive guys EVER.
23/ I love the colours pink, red, purple and blue. Red the mostestest.
25/ My birthday is in exactly one week. So please go back and read #3, #7, #14, #15, #2o, #23 and #24. I expect to see monkeys wearing Red nepalese skirts and purple pashminas as hijabs at my door step. Their eyes better be coated in kohl and they better each be holding 4 bottles of gatorade.

So uh I SO dont know enough bloggers to tag them. I'll tag them next timee haha


malekat_el7oriya said...

hahhaha!!!! i loved reading that you seem so cool lol :P and i read your comment about being iraqi too and i thought that was soo awesome!

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